Tyler Green’s work in books with multiple contributors.

SFMOMA ViewsSan Francisco Museum of Modern Art 360°: Views on the Collection. Edited by Judy Bloch and Suzanne Stein. Published in 2016. This companion to SFMOMA’s collection features 208 works chosen by the museum’s curators for their cultural — and sometimes personal — significance. The publication explores these highlights through striking images, new and original texts by curators, and creative responses by artists, poets, historians, and filmmakers, among others. The book was published on the occasion of SFMOMA’s 2016 expansion. Contributors include Robert Adams, Jill Dawsey, Gary Garrels, Henry Urbach, Rudolf Frieling and more. Green contributed an essay on Julie Mehretu’s Stadia I (2014).

Proving Ground. by David Maisel. Published in 2020 (Radius). An unsettling encounter with one of the most secretive of American military zones, Proving Ground is California-based photographer David Maisel’s investigation of Dugway Proving Ground, a classified site covering nearly 800,000 acres in a remote region of Utah’s Great Salt Lake Desert.

From its inception during World War II to the present, Dugway’s primary mission has been to develop and test chemical and biological weaponry and defense programs. After more than a decade of inquiry, Maisel was granted rare access to photograph the terrain, testing facilities and other aspects of this deliberately obscured region of the American atlas. Comprising aerial and on-site photos made at Dugway, this body of work explores questions surrounding military power, national security and land use, as well as the limits of technology and human endeavor. The book features essays by William Fox, Geoff Manaugh and Green.

Phyllida Barlow: Collected Lectures, Writings, and Interviews. Alongside her career as an artist, Phyllida Barlow has written, taught, lectured and been the subject of numerous interviews. Over the course of her lengthy career, she has become as well known for her writing and teaching as for her imposing, colorful and playful installations. This volume compiles 50 texts by Barlow—prose, presentations, and reflections on artists— and interviews. Included among the conversations is an extended excerpt from Barlow’s 2013 appearance on Green’s Modern Art Notes Podcast. (Barlow returned to the program in 2015.) The book is published by Hauser & Wirth Publishers and was edited by Sara Harrison.

Lodgepole Pine 37- x 37-Slikati Missoula Photographers 2017-03154321Anne Appleby: Hymn For The Mother. The book is a catalogue of a 2021 exhibition at the Missoula Art Museum. The catalogue will feature essays by Grace Kook Anderson, John Yau, and Green. Hear Appleby discuss her work on The Modern Art Notes Podcast.